Enhancing creativity through art

Evaluated a project based on how art forms could be used to improve the learning levels, enhance creativity, express and communicate ideas and feelings. Under this programme, we evaluated whether curriculum designed was class appropriate and relevant to the syllabus. Form and technique of alternate methods of teaching.

Improving learning levels through ICT

Evaluated how ICT technology could be used in improving the learning levels of children in Govt Schools. The program was used to evaluate whether – absenteeism of teachers or shortage of teachers issue could be resolved using technology. This is a pilot project in India which involved stakeholders – children, communities, teachers and government offices like SCERT (State Council of Educational research and training), DIET (District Institute for Education and training) & SSA (Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan).

Remedial teaching in primary schools

2 years experience in monitoring a remedial education program run by an NGO in 100 Govt schools by hiring 50 part time teachers. The improvement in the learning levels are recorded through a base line and end line test. If overall performance of school falls below the target, the reasons are analysed and corrective steps are suggested for implementation. Currently the program impacts 3983 children in Anekal taluk of Bangalore.

Sparking curiosity through live experiments

Monitored a STEM project for last 2 years. The mission of the project is “to spark curiosity, nurture creativity, and instil confidence” in economically disadvantaged children and govt school teachers by bringing imaginative and innovative hands-on science education. This program has impacted 10386 beneficiaries across 42 scshools in the rural areas of Pune.

Preschool training to cope with main stream education system

Monitored an intervention which involved training migrant labourer’s children /underprivileged children and enrol them to schools and mainstream them into formal education. The NGO operates 15 centres across the rural areas of Pune impacting lives of more than 2000 children.