Nandini Sinha Batra

Nandini Sinha Batra

Nandini, a finance professional, has over 20 years’ experience in the Banking and Financial Services Industry. Her experience spans senior positions with banks such as Deutsche Bank and Development Credit Bank. Her last assignment was with GE Capital Services India, where she spent more than 8 years, as their Head for South India.

She promoted SoStakes to assist Corporates and Individuals while making social spends. The primary objective is to develop a structured and investment oriented approach to social development.

She has leveraged her skills, honed in the banking and financial services industry, to develop processes which will help drive social value through project evaluation and measurement of returns on investment. In addition, drive social value by mobilizing capital for projects with impact.

During her working career she was responsible for setting up business verticals and had an extensive orientation to solution provisioning in a customer centric philosophy. Her work involved consensus building among various stakeholders thereby enabling a holistic and synergistic approach in actualizing business goals. This is also her key strength and is supplemented by systematic thinking and clarity of deliverables.

In June 2014, she submitted a well-received dissertation “Sustainability – The need for a finance company to incorporate sustainability as a part of their core activity” to the Institute of Directors. She is a qualified Cost Accountant with an Advanced Management Degree from IIM,Bangalore.